MTV were approached by General Motors' DKLW to take CORSA mascots 'The CMONs' and make them famous across europe. They suggested we create a music video, but no one really knew who these puppets were at that point.

So instead we re-invented them as an iconic rock band complete with a huge career and salacious backstories. We covered their story through a newly minted MTV Mockumentary show called "MTV Under The Radar" (they' are only small after all). As well as a suite of integrated collateral for a campaign that spanned branded TV content, a fully functional Under The Radar webpage, magazines, press releases and a few music videos. We even commissioned a full rock album. Ten tracks, with the only lyric being... C'MON!

This was one of the first pieces of branded content. Throughout the development process, we convinced the client and DKLW to be brave about minimal product use and edgy tone, making this a truly native piece of branded content for our youth audience. The campaign went on to win an M&M Global award.