I was hired by Vice in London as VP Creative & Marketing to help launch VICELAND, their Emmy winning new TV channel internationally. I was responsible for international marketing strategies, building creative and marketing teams from scratch, creating localised channel assets and deploying awareness campaigns in all media to launch the Viceland brand in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australasia.

We set up 6 TV channels, reaching over 50 countries, all within the first ten months of operation. 



Tasked with positioning a pay TV channel from a brand loved by many, and who were used to getting their content for free. Plus welcoming a new audience who had never heard of Vice, but craved a fresh voice. We planted the flag with the following statement to align staff and all our marketing efforts.

Born from Vice, a premium TV experience for and by young people curious about life right now. 

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We created a provocative nationwide launch campaigns in the UK, France, New Zealand and Australia - from social, to print, to outdoor, using powerful imagery from the shows and thought stopping program titles to introduce the channel to a new audience.

There was no need for clever advertising tricks, we let the content speak for itself. 

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We wanted to build on the confident and clear look and feel created by the brilliant GRETEL agency in New York, by letting local channels play with those tools to create their own distinct local flavour.  

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